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Higher education is a serious peak to summit, so a student planner that works is a welcome sidekick.

Long classes. Subpar professors. Work-life balance. Study-filled weekends. Sound familiar? If so, you may just be a university student who could use a friend to cut them some slack.

Trucking your way through college is a tough bet, but one that’s worth the effort. If you’ve tried to use agendas to organize your to-dos, all the while to no avail, it’s probably because you’re using the wrong planner. With this Orijournals Student Planner, your major is about to get a major improvement.

Not Your Average Agenda

The typical student planner takes you through the day, the week or the month with no stops in sight. It gives you an anxiety-inducing outlook, one that makes you wonder if you’re capable of reaching all those deadlines looming over the horizon. But this is not your typical student planner.

The book focuses on you as a person, with strengths and weaknesses to go along. It asks you questions about yourself and your capabilities, leading you to ponder over just how you’re going to tackle your forthcoming obstacles. Best of all, it does so in a low-key and unbiased way.


What’s Inside

With the opportunity to divulge your key problem areas and questions to ask your professors, this journal gets to the essence of your university experience. It’s more than just a calendar; it’s a comprehensive planning guide to carry with you straight to graduation.

Keep track of key formulas and equations for quick referencing. Write down noteworthy events so you won’t forget. Log assigned reading before it buries you, and summarize chapters along the way to be your own cheat sheet. Plan essays in a jiffy, break down assessments as you go and track your study guide progress in advance of those big exams.

Of course, there are daily, weekly and monthly layouts for you to get a bird’s eye view of your semesters, but this book goes way deeper. It asks the big questions, like how much time did you study on any given day? And what topics did you focus on? What sections do you have left to review? All in all, the book itself gives a new meaning to the name “student planner”.

An Assignment Worth Taking On

From first glance, taking the time to fill in a new student planner may seem like yet another task to add to your pile of duties. However, we know from experience that it’s going to improve your organization and cut the amount of time you spend on schoolwork by a substantial margin. So what’s this mean for you as a student? Well, that work-life balance you’ve been struggling with may finally find its equilibrium and make it all worthwhile.

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