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Orijournals | Guided Prompt Journals and Blank Notebook

At Orijournals, creating journal prompts to last you a lifetime is what we do best. Our priority is ensuring the art of the form of journal prompts writing is one you continue to pursue and enjoy. Gifting you with personalized journals with prompts to assure your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

We sell low-content books and journals for writing online and with helpful interiors to guide you and your journaling. With the ability to request your own custom cover or personalized interior, there’s a journal to suit everyone’s needs. We also sell printable files that you can download directly here, accompanied by a personal-use license.


Are you looking for a unique and personalized high-quality journals with a beautiful design to match? We are selling low-content paperback journals on Amazon. Feel free to browse our collection on the catalog page for a description of our journals.

Downloadable Digital Format (Coming soon)

We believe wholeheartedly in the joy and reward that comes from spending time with yourself and enjoying the art of journaling, so we are selling a printable files that you can download directly here.


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