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Preparing for the big day can be just as big a load, so these tips and tricks for the wedding planning process can only help.

Some challenges are worth the effort, like summiting a mountain, switching careers and—yes—even managing a relationship. But all good things require a bit of gusto, and matrimonial harmony is definitely not the least of them.

It takes quite a bit of effort to prep for the marriage itself, what with the wedding looming over your shoulders. However, with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can make your life that much easier during the wedding planning process.

1. Gather a Team of Supporters

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Even if you consider yourself to be organization royalty, everyone can benefit from a bit of assistance. Ask your closest friends and family to tag along, supporting you in small or big ways throughout the journey.

2. Be Firm in Your Guest List Wishes

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Invite someone if you want, and don’t if you don’t. After all, it’s your special day, not theirs. If you want a quaint and intimate wedding, that’s your call. But if you’re of the dogma “the more the merrier”, more power to ya’.

3. Remember, Both Lovebirds Have a Say

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When planning a wedding with your best friend, sharing the responsibilities between the two of you is a wonderful way to separate the burden. This way, one of you isn’t doing more than their fair share, and getting burned out as a result.

4. Always Keep the Budget in Mind

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Sure, it’s your special day—but for most people, this fact alone doesn’t make a budget disappear into thin air. By crafting a structured financial guide from the get go, you’ll know just when enough is enough.

5. Try Making a Vision Board

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Professional wedding planners are pretty good at sticking to themes. However, if you want to have a go at it yourself, a vision board is a fantastic route to thematic inspiration.

6. Always Take a Second Before Finalizing Your Decisions

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Whether it’s the bridal bouquet, the cake or the officiant, you’ll want to weigh your options carefully before committing to any decisions. It’s a day you’ll never forget, so you might as well make the memories worth keeping.

7. Keep a Wedding Planner Journal

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​In our experience, writing things down does wonders for descrambling the brain. By keeping a journal (like the expertly crafted ones from Orijournals) close to you during the planning process, you can keep track of the logistics without getting frazzled.

8. Make a Simple Website for Your Guests to Reference

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Nowadays, most couples make a website through popular platforms like The Knot, SquarespaceWeddingWire and more. This is a great way to share your registry and have people RSVP from the comfort of their computer.

9. Do Some DIY

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DIYing a few pieces of decor is a great way to add that personal touch to your wedding. Find your inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, and see what projects speak to you. Just don’t stress yourself out; instead, use crafting as a time to kick back.

10. Do Something Different

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Maybe you’re a bride that’s just not into dresses, or perhaps you’re a groom who can’t stand wearing a tie. Just because tradition exists doesn’t mean you have to partake in it. In fact, the greater the ingenuity, the more memorable the wedding.

11. Prioritize the Marriage License

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The marriage license often gets lost amidst the craziness of preparing the actual ceremony, leaving couples to scramble for the legal notice. Don’t forget the legality of it all, and make sure it’s still valid come the big day.

12. Try Not to Plan in a Pinch

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We’re all a bit of procrastinators at some parts of life, but when it comes to wedding planning, it’s a good idea to leave some wiggle room. The worst feeling is that of thinking you don’t have time to breathe, especially when you should be relishing in life with your greatest love.

It’s All Worth it for the Nuptials to Come

With these must-bring camping essentials in your pack, there’s one more thing we think you should add to your list. Bring a bit of gusto and you’ll find yourself a force to be reckoned with, no matter the weather. So long as you’ve got a space for a campfire and a heart for telling stories below the stars, there’s nothing that can stop you from enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.
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