12 New Years Resolutions Ideas For Students

Being a student is an incredibly thrilling part of life. If you’re like many others, this is the first time being away from home, so you are learning how to take care of yourself, as well as about subjects and that you find interesting. College gives you the skills and education you need to be successful in life, but getting through these times isn’t always easy.

 Now is the best time to develop some New Years’ resolutions and set unique goals for 2020. If you’re looking for some inspiration, below are 12 kick-ass resolutions you might consider.

1. Get More Organized

Goal Planner Scene 2020 Journals Diary

 Resolving to get more organized in 2020 will benefit you now and throughout the rest of your life. Between classes, a social life, studying, and perhaps a part-time job, you have a busy schedule. Keeping track of everything you need to do can be challenging—unless you have the right equipment, including a goal planner for 2020.

 When you write down everything that needs to be done in a planner, the chances of accomplishing your goals increase. Starting this process now will get you through the rest of your school, knowing exactly what needs to be done, and it will also form a habit that you can use to be successful in your career. It’s an excellent New Years’ resolution to consider.

2. Improve Study Habits

Student Journaling Using Student Planner

 One of the ways you are going to be successful in college is by having good study habits. This means setting aside time each day to work on assignments for your classes. Using your planner, you’ll know precisely when things are due, so you’ll be able to plan days and weeks in advance to get these tasks taken care of.

3. Learn All You Can About Campus

Student Going To Library In University

As a student, you give a lot of time on campus, but you may not know exactly what the school has to offer. If you spend the vast majority of your time only going to classes and perhaps the library, then you might be missing out on a lot of stuff. Take some time to explore and find out what you can about campus. You can accomplish this on your own or set up a tour. You may find some clubs, activities, or resources you didn’t know existed, and this could make your college days even better.

4. Try New Things

Smiling Young Woman Balancing Soccer Ball Forehead In addition to learning all you can think about the campus, it’s also imperative that you try new things. This could include taking classes you wouldn’t usually consider or participating in clubs or intramural sports.

 If you have the opportunity, you might even consider going abroad for a semester or a year. Creating a New Years’ resolution to try new things will expand your skills and experience, as well as teach you new things about the world and yourself.

5. Participate More in Class

College Student In A Class If you’re like most people, then all you want to do is go to class, learn what you have to learn, take the test and pass. While this can help you get your degree, you aren’t getting everything out of your education. Instead of sitting idly by and letting the teacher or others talk, make it a point to participate more in class. This includes asking questions or offering your opinion. You may not always be right, but that’s how you learn. 

6. Get Involved Outside of Class

Studying Outdoor Not only should you participate more in class, but you should also get involved in things outside of class. This could include study groups, sororities/frats, or educational organizations. Being involved looks good on your resume and helps you attain the skills that many employers are looking for. You’ll also learn what it takes to work in a group and help others within your community.

7. Get Enough Rest

Happy Girl Sleeping

 As a student, you have a lot of things to squeeze into your day. You may find yourself staying up late and getting up early to get everything accomplished. However, if you want to be successful in your endeavors, then you need to make sure you are getting enough rest. That means that you will probably have to give up something—maybe going out with your friends—but sleeping is imperative when it comes to brain function and staying focused.

8. Add Exercise to Your Schedule

Outdoor Portrait Attractive Young Brunette Hat Bicycle Since you have such a busy schedule, you probably aren’t getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. While you may think that you don’t have the time to add one more thing to your schedule, it’s essential to keep active. Thus, as a New Years’ resolution, you need to find a way to get more exercise. 

 This might include riding your bike to campus a few times a week or finding 20 minutes a day to walk around campus. If you have access to a gym and fitness classes, sign up for one. This is a great way to relieve stress, stay healthy, and meet new people.

9. Apply for Scholarships or Financial Aid

Education Loan Even if you currently have some scholarships or financial aid, it’s a good idea to see if you qualify for more. Anything that reduces the burden of paying for school is beneficial, and there are often many scholarships and other funds that go unclaimed every semester. You’ll only get this money if you apply, so see what’s out there.

10. Eat Healthier and Drink More Water

Student Drinking Water College students are known for their poor eating habits. Since they have such busy schedules, they grab what they can while on the go, and this isn’t always the best or most healthy option. As a New Years’ resolution, you should make it a point to eat a salad or other healthy meal at least a few times a week and drink more water. Bringing a water bottle with you to class can help with that endeavor. Your body and brain need fuel, and eating healthy food options can help with that.

11. Reduce Social Media Time

No Social Media


 Mobile phones and laptops make it incredibly easy to access social media sites, and this can be a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. However, it’s also an easy way to procrastinate getting work done and fall behind on your schedule. Thus, if you’re looking for a way to be more successful in your college career, make it a point to limit how much time you spend on social media.

12. Find Time to Relax and Unwind

Rear View Woman Walking Boardwalk Mountain

 The vast majority of your time at college will be spent furthering your education, but you also need to find some time to relax and unwind. This could occur when you are involved in campus activities or when you are exercising, but you should also consider spending time with friends—and add it to your planner so that you don’t forget. 

 Do something enjoyable, such as going for a hike or exploring various parts of the state the college is located in. No matter what you decide to do, resolve not to think about school and get out and have some fun.

 Going to college is an incredibly important part of your life. If you want to be successful in your endeavors, it’s essential to have some goals. By investing in yourself creating New Year’s resolutions, it can help on building a better you, amongst others!

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